Monday, December 10, 2012

The Dark Days of Winter

"The period between the first week in December and the first week in January could well be called the "dark days" for the mid-northern latitudes. At latitude 40 degrees north, earliest sunset occurs around 8 December each year, and latest sunrise occurs around 5 January. The day with the least amount of daylight is the winter solstice, the first day of winter, around 21 December. Why are not all these dates the same? The answer is not simple. There are two effects which, together, determine the local time of Sun phenomena, such as sunrise, sunset, and transit. One is called the Equation of Time; the other is the Sun's declination.

The Equation of Time is a way of describing the variation in the time of Sun-related phenomena within our standard 24-hour timekeeping system. In any time zone, the Equation of Time is simply the difference between 12:00 noon on a clock and the actual time of the Sun's transit (sundial noon) across the central meridian of the time zone. The time between successive transits of the Sun - the length of the solar day - varies considerably over the year. It is determined by two factors, both dependent on the position of the Earth in its orbit. Suffice it to say that from mid-November to early February these two factors work together to make the solar day longer than 24 hours: in late December, as much as 30 seconds longer than 24 hours. Since we don't adjust our clocks for this effect, the Sun's transit moves later and later each day during this period.

All other things being equal, the times of all Sun phenomena are tied directly to the time of transit. But all other things are not equal. The Sun's declination, its angular distance above or below the equator, changes on a yearly cycle, causing our seasons. 

The Sun's declination determines the maximum height of the Sun in the sky on any given day; hence, it also determines the azimuth of the sunrise and sunset points and the length of time the Sun is above the horizon. Most of us know the Sun is at its "lowest point in the sky" on the first day of winter, so we expect the Sun to be above the horizon the least amount of time that day.

So two effects determine the times of sunrise and sunset: the Equation of Time and the Sun's declination. But their relative magnitudes vary. In late December, the daily rate of change of the Sun's declination is quite small and is, of course, zero at the December solstice; "solstice" means "Sun stationary". However, the daily rate of change of the Equation of Time reaches a maximum just a few days later. Thus in late December it is the Equation of Time that has the dominant influence over the changes in sunrise and sunset times from one day to the next. In fact, the Equation of Time dominates, at latitude 40 degrees north, from about 8 December to 5 January. Outside of these few weeks, the Sun's declination changes are dominant. These two dates represent the dates on which the magnitudes of the two effects "cross over" at this latitude. (At higher latitudes, the crossover dates are closer to the solstice since the declination effect is greater there.)

The 8 December crossover day is the date of earliest sunset. Why? In the weeks before solstice, the two effects act in opposite directions on the time of sunset: the declination effect pulling it earlier and the Equation of Time pushing it later. On 8 December the Equation of Time begins to dominate and sunset begins to move later. Meanwhile both effects are pushing sunrise later and later. After solstice, the situation reverses. Both effects push sunset later. But for sunrise, the declination effect now pulls it earlier while the Equation of Time effect continues to push it later. The Equation of Time prevails until 5 January, when the declination effect takes over and sunrises begin to move earlier. So 5 January is the date of latest sunrise.

A similar situation occurs at the summer solstice, although the effect is not as extreme. Solstice occurs around 21 June, but at latitude 40 degrees north the earliest sunrise occurs around 14 June and the latest sunset around 28 June."

original text can be found here:

Saturday, November 24, 2012


You may have noticed there have been a few changes around here. What began as but a blog to promote Pagan Pride, especcially in Las Vegas, has now become "Whispers from Shadow Mountain."

Why the change?

Well, Pagan Pride certainly is enormously important. There are so many Pagans that are still in the closet, even wanting to keep public rituals secert our of fear they might lose their jobs, etc. I feel we as Pagans have a lot to learn from the LGBT community when it comes to standing up for who we are as Pagans. You may want to read my previous article about this HERE. Feeling so strongly as I do about our Pagan identity, I will certainly continue to do my part to promote Pagan Pride.

However, the fact remains that there are so many more aspects of Paganism that also need to be adderessed. And since my status as an independent Anthropologifcal researcher of Paganism and Witchcraft gives me a uniquely academic perspective, my blog clearly needed a wider scope. 

So, without further ado, welcome to:

"Whispers from Shadow Mountain"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

This time of year, always brings my thoughts closer to home...

May all those you love, share in the Joy and Bounty this season of harvest represents.

Mill Creek Falls, West Virginia

Monday, September 3, 2012

CORE MAGICK -- an introduction

featuring Leslie McQuade Griffin
"I'm not a McGregor - I'm a McQuade!"

Hi! It is nice to meet you. I am Leslie. I think most of you are familiar with my husband, David Griffin (Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Alpha et Omega Temple), who has been encouraging me to share with you some of the magickal gems I picked up my adventures as an archeologiogist and anthropologist. 

As an archeologist, I have had the great fortune to work in some pretty amazing places, from the English Heritage, Eartham Pit dig in West Sussex where Homo heidelbergensis was discovered, to the Botai dig in Kazakhstan for the Carnegie Mellon Museum of Natural History, where I was told to cover up the discovery of artifacts made of bone which bore a striking resemblance to screw drivers, which would be astonishing for the time period - to the Chatan-cho dig Okinawa where we were ordered to conceal our discoveries by the Japanese government since they didn't like that we found Korean burials rather than Japanese cremation jars.

I left archeology when the sanctity of scientific data was was repeatedly sacrificed for political expedience. As a scientist, I wanted no part in such hypocricy.

"Take your falsified data and..."

Subsequently, as an anthropologist, I have been more fortunate. I am also an initiated witch of the Sacred Forest of Nemi (del Bosco Sacro) ancient Pagan tradition in Italy, which gives me access to the sort of informants and data of which other anthropologists can only dream. Being married to David Griffin doesn't hurt either, as this gives me access to the Secret Chiefs of the of the Golden Dawn's Third Order.

But let me tell you why I am here today ...

As you likely know the Alpha Omega and the Sacred Forest Shamanic Pagan Tradition are initiatic, oath-bound traditions, which limits what I can share with you about them. I have, however, managed to amass a great deal of magickal knowledge from other traditions around the world I am completely free to share with you.

You may have heard of the work in the field of Shamanism of anthropologist, Michael J. Harner, who studied many different Shamanic traditions around the world, then attempted to distill the common core underlying all of them. Harner's groundbreaking work has resulted in a growing Neo-Shamanic tradition around the world. He calls this tradition Core Shamanism.

Inspired by Harner's work, I have been gathering magical techniques from many different traditions around the world, some of which I will be sharing with you here in this series on The Golden Dawn Blog. In recognition of my deep and abiding respect for Dr. Harner's work, I call this tradition I am about to share with you, Core Magick.

Core Magick and Core Magickal techniques, as we know them today, represent a huge tool kit; a vast collection of practices, beliefs, spells, deities, experiments, tools, rituals, ideas and ideals.  The material I am presenting to you spans both time and space, so don’t be surprised to see eastern practices beside western practices, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming inside Shamanic rituals presented in a Neo-Pagan format.  
I have collected, tested and used each and every one of the practices and techniques I share. I give you only the best of the best.  The years of scientific experimentation and ethnographic research have resulted in the simplest and most effective way to alter physical reality in ways that match your desires. There are no initiations, no fees, and no “busy work”.  This is the cream of what our planet has to offer.
These practices are stripped of all the cultural baggage that prevents many people from considering magic at all. Core Magick represents the synthesis of practices I learned during my travels and research as an anthropologist.  Because I worked as an experimental and ethnographic archaeologist, I had numerous opportunities to study the esoteric traditions of the various geographic regions in which I found myself.  This is the Core Magickal practice I myself use on a daily basis.  Because this information is available for the non-initiate, I have been careful to build in some safety nets to insure that as you work your way through the lessons and experiments, you don’t accidentally “blow up your lab”. 
I have taken great pains to remember the source of the things I use. This is perhaps the most interesting part of Core Magick, and one of its greatest strengths.  As we move closer and closer to a truly global culture, Core Magick represents a way to tap into the power of the magickal traditions of the planet as a whole.  Unlike other traditions that take their authority from the geographic region in which their methodology is culturally cloaked. Core Magick removes the cultural assumptions, contstraints and expectations from these powerful magickal practices and puts their methods in plain language, so that it may be grasped easily, understood accurately and practiced effortlessly.  Begin living the life you have always wanted.  It is time for you to claim your birthright and become a co-creator with DEITY.

In my experience, Core Magick is in many ways most similar to chemistry.  In chemistry, you must be exact in your measurements, your timing, in every detail of how the experiment is performed.  Core Magick is much the same.  In order to have repeatable results, you must have repeatable actions.  Be attentive to what you are THINKING most of all as you begin working Core Magick. 
I will be teaching you the same way I learned, although you won’t have the same opportunities I had, simply as a function of time and location.  If you don’t already, I advise you to, take a moment now and find a new notebook or journal.  It is important that you keep a journal of not only your daily Core Magickal practices and results, but also what you read, odd things you notice, inexplicable feelings that may bubble to the surface.  This is a watershed moment.  You are moving from a life in which things happen to you, to one in which you make things happen.  Through careful study of your Core Magickal journal, your research notes as it were, you can easily see what works for you and what does not.  You will also be able to track the success or failure of your spells/experiments.
Everything you will learn, you learn in layers, like an onion.  Just like you first learned in kindegarten that Columbus discovered America, only to be told it was Vespucci in high school, so will you learn Core Magick.  Skipping steps will lead to an incomplete understanding of the material.  You must you take the time to fully digest and understand the “vocabulary” and methodology of Core Magick in order to do it well, so remember the age-old saying:

”The ox is slow, but the Earth is patient.”


The first thing I want you write in your Core Magickal Journal is an essay. In the essay, include answers to the following questions, in whatever order feels most natural to you.
1.   Why do you want to learn Core Magick?  What will you see in your life that will show you your Magick is working?
2.     What things are you already doing that you consider to be magickal?
3.     Do you believe in God/dess?  How does this belief effect your decisions?
4.   What are your favorite subjects or activities? What types of things are you not good at or interested in?
5.     Are you right or left handed?
6.     What is your birth information?  [Date, time, location]  Ask your mother to tell you the story of the day you were born.  Be sure to write down what she says, and ask her to clarify any details.
Write as much as you think is necessary to answer the questions.  Include extra information if it seemsrelevant.  You may even want to break up these six questions into separate, shorter essays.
I am, with these questions, asking you teach yourself who you ARE.  No one will see these essays.  Your Core Magickal Journal is solely for your use.  In order for you to make this world what you want it to be, you must understand who you are. My perspective as an archaeologist has taught me that it is only through a thourough understanding of who you ARE that you can become the best of who you want to be.

We will begin with meditation.  Whether you meditate now or not, I want you to use the following method.  This is not simply capriciousness on my part.  If a meditation is successful, there should be PHYSICAL sensations, and real, tangible, repeatable results.  The following is what I have found to be the simplest, fastest and most effective way to reach very deep states of meditation in a short amount of time.
1.   Do some sort of physical exercise immediately before you begin.  It can be anything from Yoga to Boxing.  You want your heart to be beating fast, to be breathing hard, and just a little sweaty when you sit down to meditate.  The pace of your breathing is VERY important.
2.     Sit COMFORTABLY facing a clean, empty, undecorated, white (or other pale color) wall.
3.     Sit with the base of your spine supported on a cushion to help keep your spine straight.
4.     Stick out your chest, and tuck in your chin just a bit.  This will take the last remaining curves out of your spine. It is important to keep your spine STRAIGHT.
5.     You can look either at the floor in front of you, or at the wall.  The important thing here is to keep your eyes open, and that they are slightly crossed (like when you try to look at the end of your nose).
6.   Other than blinking your eyes, and the paced rise and fall of your chest and stomach, you should endeavor to remain motionless.  If your leg falls asleep, ignore it.  If you itch, put your attention back on your glabella or your breathing.  Your body intends to work against you, so ignore it as if it were just another street vendor, barking for your attention.
7.    Put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and no matter how badly you may itch, DO NOT SCRATCH.  Do not scratch, do not move.  Be VERY strict with youself on this one.  The itching sensation is a chakra point opening.  Most people are familiar with the seven basic chakra points. These points are the same in every culture.  When the point is open, it feels like a tingling, or an itching, coolness or tickling.  To induce this feeling, take a single hair and gently draw a circle in the center of your forehead, on the glabella, or a little above it.

8.  As you breathe, breathe also through your glabella.  Understand that your glabella is very similar to the blowhole of a whale or dolphin.  To accomplish this, as you inhale, become aware of cool air rushing into and out of your glabella, just as you feel the air moving through your nose and lungs.  
9.     Make sure that when you feel your breathing start to slow, or get shallow, you pick up the pace. By now your heart rate should be slowing down, and also your breath rate.  It is important however, to keep breathing deep and full.  You are going to hyper oxygenate your blood.  This will release certain chemicals into your blood that will make it possible for you to reach deeper states of meditation. 
10. As you are concentrating on all these things, feel yourself getting lighter and lighter, floating up out of your body.  Remember, your body has an autopilot function.  It’s called sleep.  You can trust your body to take care of itself while you “go out and have a look”.
11. Pass through the roof, into the sky, through the clouds, through the atmosphere into space.  Fly past the moon, out towards the stars. 
Travel as far as you like and stay as long as you like.  Rather than set a specific amount of time for meditation, we are setting a goal.  I want you to be able to see all the stars in the blackness of the universe with your eyes open and pointed at the wall or floor. 
This method is a combination of things I learned in Kundalini Yoga, Zen Walking Meditation, Rolfing and Shamanic Journeying.
Plan on spending at least 15 minutes for exercise, and 15 minutes for meditation for your first experiment.  Gradually increase the time for both in increments of 1:1; i.e. for each minute of exercise, do a minute of meditation.  If you want to do more the first time, that is fine, but what I’m looking for in this practice exercise are the following things:
1.  Consistency – Do it EVERY DAY for one lunar cycle.  This experiment should be repeatedly tested, because science is above all else a method of predicting what comes next.  If you do the same methods twice and get the same results twice, you have shown something interesting.  Do it 20 or 30 times, and you have really learned a powerful technique for self-transformation.  You need only dedicate 28 days to this experiment after which you may choose to either continue (which I HIGHLY recommend) or not.  Remember, the benefits of meditation are cumulative, like physical exercise.
2.  Set and Setting – Where do you meditate?  Do you use incense or candles?  How do you feel? Before you begin were you distracted, tired, happy, in a hurry, etc.?
3.  Results – Can you get out of the Earth’s atmosphere into space? Can you feel your glabella?  Can you breathe with your glabella?  Do you feel like you are floating?  Are you able to ignore your Meatsuit (physical body)?  Compare this meditation to others you have had in the past.  What seems different about this method?  What happened during the meditation that could be improved upon?
4. Documentation – Each meditation is a scientific experiment.  Use the following form for Documenting the Results of your Procedure and Consistency with this Practice.

Meditation Documentation (example)
Date:  2012 Apr 20 Tue 9pm
Goal:  To be able to meditate anywhere, anytime.
Set and Setting:  Today I decided to meditate outside. I sat in a couple of spots to find the best view of the sky, with no mountains or power lines in the way.  I also looked around to be sure no one would interrupt me.  I didn’t bring any incense, because the air here smells so good.  I did bring a blanket, pillow and bug spray.  I also brought food and water for afterwards.  I had a hassle getting out of the house, because my roommate thinks it’s dangerous to meditate outside in the dark.
Procedure:  I did my usual routine, but a little faster today, since it now takes more to get my breathing faster.  I also did 25 bodyweight squats and 10 pushups.  Then, I lay down, covered up (because it’s cold), put my tongue up and started.
Results:  It was a difficult meditation.  I found my mind wandering with lots of thoughts.  So I told each thought, as it came up, “Thank you for reminding me of that.  I will get to it just as soon as I am finished.”  My Kundalini Yoga Guru Paranjothiar taught me that trick. Once each thought had been given some love and dismissed, I was able to go deeply into the stars, turn around and see the Earth.  It seemed so small and fragile.  I opened my heart and poured love over the whole planet.  Then I heard a car come up the road, and it jarred me out of meditation.  I had been there for 40 minutes already, so I packed up and walked back to the house.
Next Time:  I will go a little further away from the road.  I will leave the food, because I think it attracted bugs.  I will also bring my back-jack, because lying down made it hard to stay awake.  Also, I couldn’t find my usual internal “landing spot” at the beginning of my meditation, probably because of the new location. 
Other:  I really need to get better at letting outside distractions go.  I think a lot of that has to do with feeling slightly self-conscious about meditating outside my usual spot in the house.  It is important for me to let go both of my self-consciousness, and of my attachment to my usual place of meditation.

Suggested Documentation Format
Set and Setting:
Next Time:


In each reading list I provide you, there will be more than you can read.  Choose what looks interesting to you.  As you read, write notes in your journal. Your notes might include things like:
·      Information you think is important to remember for later
·      Quotes you want to remember
·      Your opinions about what you are reading
·      Questions you would like to ask me
I expect you to pick at least one and finish as much as you can before the next full moon.  In fact, the previous work is best completed in one lunar month.  So, have a look at what the moon phase is right now.  Repeat the meditation experiment every day for one lunar cycle.  Be consistent.  This is part of what makes meditation hard for most people. Meditation is a way of engendering the self with self-trust.  You trust in your decisions and stick by them, like your decision to meditate every day.  You trust your body to take care of itself while you while you are meditating.
All the books I recommend are available for free at the links I have provided for you.

Real Magic by Issaic Bonewits 
The Power of the Witch by Laurie Cabot 
The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner
A Dictionary of Symbols by J. E. Cirlot
The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Look for the Website!

The official website just received 
a facelift.  Go to 
to see for yourself!

We Las Vegas Pagans are proud of the fact that our Crystal City is not only a world-class destination for shopping and entertainment, but also for our unparalleled natural beauty. 

Red Rock Canyon, 30 min away

Lake Mead (30 min away)

Valley of Fire, 1 hr away

Death Valley (2 hrs away)

Grand Canyon (6 hrs away)

Area 51 & the Extra-Terrestrial Highway 
(3 hrs away)

Well, I don't know if this last one counts as part of the "natural" beauty of the land surrounding Las Vegas, but it is certainly one of the things that points to the "universal" popularity of Las Vegas. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Important: All Pagans Advised to Attend

Why should I go?

There are lots of reasons to attend this year's
Las Vegas Pagan Pride Event!  
First of all, you don’t need to be Pagan to be welcome at this event.  Friends and family of Pagans, those who believe in equal rights for all persons regardless of their professed faith, and those who are just curious are equally welcome. 

The purpose of Pagan Pride Day is to show, like the Gay Pride Day it is modeled after, residents of the area the best of what the Pagan sub-culture has to offer.  By putting our best foot forward in a public way, we as a group are educating people.  

We are PROUD of who we are and what we believe!
We refuse to hide!

Like our GLBT brothers and sisters before us, we are coming out of the broom closet to make our presence known.  We Pagans have been maligned for the last two thousand years or so, and as such, there are a lot of negative stereotypes that continue to be believed as fact by the American culture at large.  Every time we participate in a public event, we are showing the world we are proud of who we really are.

If you don’t show your face, negative stereotypes will continue, and you will witness a deterioration of your civil rights because people from the larger culture will believe that the stereotypes are archetypes, and by majority vote, limit your freedom.

It is the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.  If we want to be treated as equals, we must show non-Pagans that we are equal to them.  The greater Las Vegas metro area needs to see how many of us there are.  

They need to see our happy, healthy children.  
They need to see that we don’t sacrifice animals in our rituals.  

They need to SEE that we believe in and worship God and Goddess in ways that are not so different from them.  They need to experience the best of what the Pagan culture has to offer.  This can only happen if every person who self-identifies as Pagan, or Witch, or Druid or Shaman comes to this event. 

But, I’m afraid someone I work with will recognize me and that as a result I will loose my job.  

These Pagans are not afraid.  WHY ARE YOU?

Is this fear is proof that we as Pagans, Witches, and other adherents to minority religions have not escaped the persecution of the Burning Times?  Just like our GLBT brothers and sisters, we face the real possibility that we will be ostracized by our family.  What other members of a religious community fear the loss of their livelihood?  Do Hindus worry that if they are seen at a Diwali festival, they will loose their job?  Do Jews fear that if they tell their employer they need time off to attend a Bar Mitzva they will be fired?  Why do we live in fear?  We live in a free country, but it is only as free as we ourselves make it.  If we continue to hide in the shadows and allow ourselves to be marginalized, the culture at large will believe that the discrimination against Pagans is acceptable to us. 

Still not convinced?

The Pagan Community needs to 
take a stand
like the GLBT Community. 
The bigger our event is, 
the more anonymity it can afford us.  

If you are afraid of being recognized, wear a mask, and join us!  There is a long standing tradition of Masked Shamans, Masked Witches, Masked Pagans of every stripe. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Community Unity -- the theme of this year's event

This year’s Las Vegas Pagan Pride Day theme is “Community Unity”  Now, I understand the point the organizers are trying to make, but perhaps I should clarify for those who may be new to, or unfamiliar with the Pagan Faith.

You see, by “Unity”, what is really being discussed is the idea of Solidarity.  Unity, in its most common usage, means “the state of being united or joined as a whole, especially in a political context”, whereas Solidarity means “agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; and/or mutual support within a group”.  The latter clearly eschews any political motivation, as does Pagan Pride Day.  Solidarity also underlines a very important point about Pagan Pride Day.  We as Pagans have a common interest in showing our love of our Faith and lifestyle, although we do not necessarily practice our Faith in the same way.  Much like the different denominations of Christianity, there are different denominations or Paths of Paganism.  A common way of explaining this is:

“Though there are many paths up the mountain,
the view from the top is the same”.

That being said, with all the different Pagan Paths existent in the world today, it can be somewhat baffling for the newcomer.  Even those of us who are considered Old-Tymers see new groups forming, changing dissolving and reforming, sometimes with new names, sometimes not.  It is all part of the fluid and dynamic evolution of this beautiful Faith.  For all their differences, Pagans as a whole tend to agree on a few crucial points:

1.     NON-INTERFERRENCE.  We believe people have the right to believe as they see fit, without being prosthelized. Simply stated, this is a “live and let live” attitude that has room for not only all types and expressions of Paganism, but also of any other religion. 

2.     DIVINE FEMININE. We believe in the existence of not only Masculine, but also Feminine Divinity.  Some worship a pantheon of Goddesses and Gods, while others offer fidelity to only a pair, or to the Goddess alone.
3.     SACRED EARTH.  We believe the Earth in its entirety is sacred, although it is agreed that some geographic areas are more so than others.
4.     MAGICK. We believe magick is as natural a phenomenon as rain or the sense of smell.  Furthermore, Pagans believe that, either through initiation or through epiphany, they are able to effect change in their material environment through the use of magick.  Magick includes but is not limited to spell-casting, healing, divination, telepathy, psychokinesis, astral travel and other types of psi phenomona.

5.     DIVINE SPARK. We believe that within us is the Divine Spark.  It is variously termed soul, spirit and/or astral body.  It is through development of the Divine Spark that skill in magick is developed.  The Divine Spark is eternal, and whether it is reincarnated or not, continues after death of the physical body.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sun and Moon Data for Pagan Pride Day

I've taken the time to number the celestial events in the order that they occur.

The following information is provided for Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada (longitude W115.2, latitude N36.2):

        15 September 2012     Pacific Daylight Time          

        Begin civil twilight       5:58 a.m.                 
        Sunrise                    6:24 a.m.                 
        Sun transit               12:36 p.m.                 
      2.Sunset                     6:47 p.m.                 
      4.End civil twilight         7:13 p.m.                 

        Moonset                    5:47 p.m. on preceding day
        Moonrise                   5:59 a.m.                 
        Moon transit              12:14 p.m.                 
      1.Moonset                    6:21 p.m.                 
        Moonrise                   7:06 a.m. on following day

3.  New Moon on 15 September 2012 at 7:11 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

Autumnal Equinox is on 22 September 2012 at 6:49 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

There will be a total of 12 hours, 24 minutes of daylight on this day.



Sunday, July 1, 2012


It's a lot of different things to different people.  According to former Local Coordinator Peter "Bear" Beaulieu, it is especially dedicated to inter-community harmony, both within the Greater Las Vegas Metro Area, and the country as a whole.The Pagan Pride Day phenomenon is a celebration of diversity, culture, differences and similarities.  The community is full of different beliefs and practices and together each one contributes to the whole.  Each city or region's observance reinforces the fact that the community respects everyone who choses to self-identify as Pagan, Pagan-friendly, relatives or friends of Pagans, or simply curious. 

Las Vegas Pagan Pride Day, or LVPPD, is an affiliate of The International Pagan Pride Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of prejudice and religious discrimination through education, activism, charity and community.  By providing accurate information, and showing the greater community a glimpse into the Pagan culture, there is hope to lessen the view of prejudice.  Pagans are business professionals, homemakers, artists and students.  Pagans don't always fit the steriotypes given to them.  Pagan Pride celebrations are held annually around the world.

Items of non-perishable food will be accepted and donated to 3 Square Food Bank.  The food drive provides participants the ability to share with others while making a positive statement about Paganism. Pagans have been wrongly accused of practicing devil-worship and performing "black magic".  Most Pagans enjoy a religion emphasizing respect for nature, humanity, and oneself.  Modern Paganism is a grorowing religious movement based on combinations of ancient polytheism, modern eco-spirituality, and reverence for the Divine as both masculine and feminine.

The event is sponsored by Agave Spirit Grove, Well of the Moon, Grove of the Sacred Springs, Unitarian Universalist Congregation and the Toteg Tribe.  Las Vegas Pagan Pride Day and The International Pagan Pride Project are not affiliated with any specific pagan tradition or religion.  

For more information about the event you can visit the website at or for in-depth reports, interviews, tips and suggestions for event participants you can also keep checking back to this blog.

Friday, June 29, 2012


This year's Las Vegas Pagan Pride Day Celebration will be held on

Saturday, September 15, 2012 
at Mountain Crest Park, 
4701 N. Durango Drive 
3pm to 8pm.  

Mountain Crest is covered in bright green grass littered with people playing frisbee golf or taking long walks on the paths. There are shelters filled with families or large groups grilling out and having a good time. There's a basketball court with tweens battling it out and pretending to be the next Jordarn or Kobe. There are kids climbing up and down the jungle gyms. There are cute little babies screaming in delight as their parents push them higher and higher in the baby swings. Whenever we are here, I forget I'm in Vegas but look out to the west and see Red Rock canyons standing majestically in the bright blue skies.  And then...there are the slides...Mountain Crest has 3 slides that are about 1 1/2 stories high. You walk up about 20 steps (yes, I've counted) to get to the top and choose between a red, green or blue slide. 

Artists are welcome to display their “Spirit in Art” and reflect the individual connection that Art has to Spirit in the Pagan Community.  Contact for the opportunity to showcase your Art.